kadai paneer

Kadhai Paneershahi paneerButter Naanpulao rice

dal makhani Ghiya Pakora Ki Kadhipav bhajirajmah curry

kadhipav bhajirajmah

aloo pakoradhoklajalebimilk cake

Indian recipes

Some of the old Indian dishes were discovered about 5000 years ago. Through out last 5000 years, Indian recipes were constantly improved and modified resulting in its present variety and diversity. Normal Indian dishes are consisted of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, grains, nuts and meat and fishes. Indian cuisine has a large selection of curries, appetizers, snacks, drinks and sweets. As a result of variation in the local culture and geographical location, Indian cuisines differ across different regions of India. Main variations by regions are north Indian food, south Indian food, Punjabi food, Bengali food and Guajarati food.

North indian food recipes :- North Indian food recipes mainly use onions and tomatoes in their dishes. Typical North Indian meals consist of rotis, curries, pickles, yogurt and sweets. Most famous vegetarian cuisines from the northern India are shahi paneer , kadai paneer , dal makhani, chole bhature , pickles , roties , parathas pulao and pakoras . Most famous non vegetarian cuisines from the northern India are kadai chicken , shahi chicken , chicken biryani and  fish curry.

south indian food recipes :-South Indian cooking uses more spices in their dishes and rice is considered as a main ingredient of their food. South Indian food recipes use coconut and curry leaves for their dishes. Most famous cuisines from the southern  India are dosa , idli , sambar, vada, appam, , chicken curry , mutton curry , beef curry and fish fry .




chicken biryaniKadai Chickenmomoschole bhature